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Precision firearms components

Made from Aerospace grade quality castings.

Our parts are inspected to the Aerospace industry quality standard ASTM 2175 Class 3 Grade C specification. The ASTM standard is a world-wide quality standard accepted through the Aerospace parts community and far exceeds the standard investment cast industry specifications most commercial gun parts follow. How do we do it?


Our roots are in precision, near net shape investment castings. 

Since 1961 as AERO METALS, a 175,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to aerospace quality investment castings with in-house, mold making expertise and an in-house foundry with metallurgical lab to formulate our own mix of metals to keep the entire 1911 frame casting process under our control. Aero Metals Inc. also performs non-destructive testing (NDT) on-site which gives it the capability of assuring the quality of a casting without destroying it.

This means that our control of the process gives you a superior 1911 frame at a lower cost.

Our Goal 

Our goal at AMI Defense is to provide the firearm enthusiast with an Aerospace quality products they can be proud of carrying or showcasing in their personal collection.  Providing consumers with parts needing very little or no gunsmithing required.  We at AMI Defense feel we have come close, but need more feedback from you, the gun and firearm community of DIY enthusiast to professional gunsmiths.

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