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From the design and building of the wax mold to the cast frame and machined features, everything is produced 100% by U.S. manufacturer’s here in the heart of the Midwest, Indiana. 


Our frame design was built to be adaptable to the newly desired features the industry is asking for: 17-4 stainless steel, high cut under the trigger, smaller magazine windows for better grip balance, electropolish, then place a glass bead finish. 



The craftsman of our parts take great pride in the manufacturing process and you can be rest assured they make these parts with you in mind. AMI Defense is part of a large investment casting foundry with the capacity to keep up with the demands of the market.


The AMI Defense 1911 frame has three options to offer you: Frame blank with no machining, 80% of the machining done, or 100% completed frame (All ATF rules apply). Your 1911 gun frame receives a 100% visual inspection consisting of an inspection of critical areas such as the magazine well, back strap, through whole alignment, and consistent thickness of the dustcover on both sides.


All of the items are cast into the features of the AMI Defense 1911 frame to reduce expensive machine time and provide a seamless look to the finished product. Did I mention all of AMI Defense parts are 100% USA MADE!!!! 

rawall_0002_Layer 6.jpg

Meticulous pouring of stainless, aluminum and more by skilled craftsmen


Thousands of tooling molds wait for their next pour

rawall_0001_Layer 7.jpg

Aero Metals, founded in 1961 and headquartered in LaPorte, Indiana

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Robotics keep costs inline and quality at aerospace quality

rawall_0006_Layer 2.jpg

In-house machine shop is state of the art and keeps the foundry running at top rate with all the secondaries in-house

rawall_0007_Layer 1.jpg

A wax model is coated with a refractory to form a mold, heating until the wax melts and runs out of the mold, and then pouring metal into the vacant mold.

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